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Podcast Episode: How private is your bank account?

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

The logo of the Electronic Frontier Alliance.

87th Texas Legislative Session Roundup

Join EFF-Austin for a roundup of several bills that passed during the 87th regular session of the Texas Legislature that touch upon the domains of technology, surveillance, personally identifying information and data, and digital civil liberties.
Black Hat 2021 discount AP21eff

EFF at Black Hat USA 2021

EFF is excited to once again be a part of Black Hat USA! This year, Black Hat USA is offering a unique hybrid event experience, giving the cybersecurity community a choice on how they wish to join the event. Be sure to stop by our booth in the virtual Business...

The logo of Restore for Fourth Minnesota.

Surveillance Self Defense Workshop

Restore the 4th Minnesota's workshop is an opportunity for activists on the ground to receive personalized attention from security experts and protest veterans. Attendees can expect to walk through the steps they can take before, during, and after a protest that will help maximize their data security while still being...

Standing With Security Researchers Against Misuse of the DMCA

Security research is vital to protecting the computers upon which we all depend, and protecting the people who have integrated electronic devices into their daily lives. To conduct security research, we need to protect the researchers, and allow them the tools to find and fix vulnerabilities. The Digital Millennium Copyright...

A warning sign with a picture of a troll says "do not feed the troll"

Supreme Court Upholds Process to Challenge Bad Patents

The Patent Office grants thousands of patents a year, including many that would be invalidated if a court considered them. These junk patents should never be issued in the first place, but fortunately there is a way to challenge them at the Patent Office rather than wasting the courts’ time...

Image of a skyline of buildings with antennas on them.

Understanding Amazon Sidewalk

Just before the long weekend at the end of May, Amazon announced the release of their Sidewalk mesh network. There are many misconceptions about what it is and what it does, so this article will untangle some of the confusion.It Isn’t Internet SharingMuch of the press about Amazon Sidewalk...


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