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Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

HOPE: Meet the EFA

Meet the EFA: A Discussion on Grassroots Organizing for Digital Privacy, Security, Free Expression, Creativity, and Access to KnowledgeFounded by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA) is a grassroots network of community and campus organizations across the United States. Join representatives from the EFF, and...

The angular outline of three faces as a computer might see them, colored like a rainbow

RightsCon: Facial challenges

Join, nash, EFF Associate Director of Community Organizing, alongside Dorothy Mukasa, Fanny Hidvegi, Ruslan Dairbekov and Sarkis Darbinyan for this roundtable strategy session on responding to abusive facial recognition systems; hosted by The Information Society Project at Yale Law School. From the Organizers:Facial recognition systems are one of...

The American Federal Definition of Broadband Is Both Useless and Harmful

Definitions matter. Especially when those definitions come from the federal government. In the case of “broadband,” the definition set by the federal government creates our standard of Internet living. Depressingly, the American government’s definition means ISPs get away with offering very poor levels of “broadband.”The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is...

A warning sign with a picture of a troll says "do not feed the troll"

The International Trade Commission Is Opening the Door to Abusive Patent Owners and Endangering U.S. Businesses

The International Trade Commission, or ITC, is a forum that’s meant to protect U.S. industries from unfair trade practices. But in recent years, the prime beneficiaries of the sprawling ITC haven't been American manufacturers, but patent owners, patent lawyers, and—you guessed it—patent trolls. The ITC is a quasi-judicial agency, that...


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