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Seth Schoen speaking at Open Source Bridge

EFF Staff Technologist Seth Schoen will be speaking at Open Source Bridge in Portland, OR.
Fixing SSL security: Supplementing the certificate authority model
The most common way of using SSL/TLS encryption relies on a public-key infrastructure that puts near-absolute trust in a large number of entities around the...

Copyright Troll

Creators Must Move Beyond Suing the Audience

The file-sharing public faces yet another wave of predatory litigation, this time from the so-called US Copyright Group ("USCG"), which is suing BitTorrent users on behalf of various independent filmmakers. The Hollywood Reporter reports that more than 20,000 individuals have been sued, with more suits to come, and the...

A Bill of Privacy Rights for Social Network Users

Social network service providers today are in a unique position. They are intermediaries and hosts to our communications, conversations and connections with loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. They have access to extremely sensitive information, including data gathered over time and from many different individuals.Here at EFF, we've been thinking...

Judge Shields Identity of Online Critic Facing Baseless Lawsuit

San Francisco - A federal judge in San Francisco has quashed a baseless subpoena aimed at outing an anonymous online critic of Pennsylvania corporation USA Technologies after the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) successfully argued that the First Amendment shields the identity of anonymous speakers who engage in lawful speech.

Web Browsers Leave 'Fingerprints' Behind as You Surf the Net

San Francisco - New research by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has found that an overwhelming majority of web browsers have unique signatures -- creating identifiable "fingerprints" that could be used to track you as you surf the Internet.
The findings were the result of an experiment EFF conducted...


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