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Deeplinks Blog

Charla magistral Inspir(acción) at Colectiva

Join EFF's Grassroots Advocacy Organizer nash at Colectiva, where young people from throughout Latin America will come together to organize against those who seek to weaken the fight for human rights and the protection of the environment. Through regional collaboration, we will continue to fight for the defense of...

The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Signals It Will investigate NSA Surveillance, Facial Recognition, and Terror Watchlists

After a long dormant stretch, the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) has signaled it’s ready to tackle another big review of government surveillance and overreach. The PCLOB, an independent agency in the executive branch, last published a 2014 report on warrantless surveillance of the Internet by the...

EFF at DWeb Camp

EFF will have multiple staff at the Decentralized Web Camp, giving talks, and offering advice to the new generation of distributed tool creators, and the services and communities that are growing around them.

California: Stop Face Surveillance on Police Body-Worn Cameras

Communities called for police officers to wear cameras with the hope that doing so would improve police accountability, not further mass surveillance. But today, we stand at a crossroads. Face recognition technology is now capable of being interfaced with body-worn cameras in real-time—a development that has grave implications for privacy...


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