Buzzed for EFF.Each summer the Electronic Frontier Foundation joins tens of thousands of computer security professionals, academic researchers, tech tinkerers, and curious onlookers at a series of bleeding-edge hacker conferences in Las Vegas. EFF has been a proud supporter of these communities since our founding twenty-five years ago, and we make a concerted effort to ensure that con-goers know that there is an active movement to protect digital freedom around the world. We renewed this commitment during the 2008 summer hacker events by launching the Coders' Rights Project to help programmers and developers navigate the murky laws* surrounding security research.

Below, you'll find a listing of talks and activities with EFF attorneys, technologists, and activists this week. You can refer to this post for quick reference at If you are heading to any of these conferences please stop by the EFF booth to say hello, learn more about recent projects, or tell us what you think about our work. It's also a great opportunity to renew your EFF membership  and pick up the newest member swag! We hope to see you soon in your summer mohawk.

EFF at Security BSidesLV

Ask the EFF Panel, Wednesday at 6 PM

EFF Black Hat USA

How the Wassenaar Arrangement's Export Control of "Intrusion Software" Affects the Security Community, Mandalay Bay BCD, Thursday, August 6 at 11 am

Is the NSA Still Listening to Your Phone Calls? A Surveillance Debate: Congressional Success or Epic Fail, Mandalay Bay BCD, Thursday, August 6 at 2:30 pm


Licensed to Pwn: The Weaponization and Regulation of Security Research, Friday at 11:00, Track Two

Fighting Back in the War on General Purpose Computers, Friday at 11:00, Track Three

Crypto and Privacy Village Keynote, Friday at 12:00, CPV

Let's Talk about Let's Encrypt, Friday at 15:00, CPV

Let's Encrypt - Minting Free Certificates to Encrypt the Entire Web, Saturday at 15:00, Track Four

Ask the EFF: The Year in Digital Civil Liberties, Saturday at 18:00, Track Two

EFF Badge Hack Pageant, Saturday afternoon judging. Details.

EFF at r00tz Asylum V

r00tz is all about inspiring and empowering the young hackers of tomorrow. EFF will present several kid-friendly talks covering DRM, white-hat hacking, and more. Check the schedule for final details soon.

*If you have legal concerns regarding an upcoming talk or sensitive information security research that you are conducting at any time, please email Outline the issues and we will do our best to connect you with the resources you need.

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