Over July 4th, thousands of people in cities across the United States rallied in defense of the Fourth Amendment.

Tomorrow, Restore the Fourth – the grassroots, nonpartisan movement supporting the Fourth Amendment and opposing NSA spying – is taking the battle to the phones.  A number of Restore the Fourth chapters will be hosting a “Restore the Phone” event. They will be encouraging concerned citizens to call their members of Congress and demand transparency and reform of America’s domestic spying practices.

According to their blog post, Restore the Fourth intends to use Friday to draw the attention of Congress. They provide a suggested script  (Google doc) for callers which includes strong language against the NSA spying program:

This type of blanket data collection by the government erodes essential and constitutionally protected American values. Furthermore, the body of secret surveillance law that has developed in an attempt to justify this type of domestic surveillance is antithetical to democracy. The NSA’s domestic spying program is not the American way. 

We think that phone calls are among the most effective ways to make Washington hear the concerns of constituents. We’re proud to support this initiative, and urge our friends and members to join the call in day.

Here are two ways you can speak out (note, if you are outside of the United States you should go here to take our international alert).

  1. Dial 1-STOP-323-NSA (1-786-732-3672). The automated system will connect you to your legislators. Urge them to provide public transparency about NSA spying and stop warrantless wiretapping on the communications of millions of ordinary Americans. Visit CallDay.org for more info.
  2. Visit the EFF action center. We will look up the phone number of your elected officials. Call them and tell them you oppose NSA’s spying programs.

And when you’ve finished calling Congress, remember to spread the word on social media and add your name to the Stop Watching Us campaign.

Important notes about your privacy: we’ve required that the automated tools above promise to protect your privacy by insisting that your phone number be used for this campaign and nothing else unless you request additional contact. If you don’t want your information processed by the automatic calling tools, use the EFF page to get a phone number and call directly. Learn more by visiting the privacy policies of Fight for the Future and Twilio.


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