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EFF at All Things Open 2022

EFF is excited to be back, in-person, at All Things Open 2022 for their ten year anniversary! Be sure to stop by and say hi at our member booth, where you can learn more about our latest work defending digital civil liberties or even start or renew an EFF...

An animated image showing location pins dropping onto a street map from above, tracing several paths

How Ad Tech Became Cop Spy Tech

If a company wants to advertise something to you on the internet, it first has to know who you are and what you like to buy. There are many different approaches to gathering this data, but all generally have one goal in common: they link you with the data generated...

Fog Data Science Puts our Fourth Amendment Rights up for Sale

The data broker selling people’s location data to any local, state, and federal agency willing to buy it is putting our Fourth Amendment rights at risk. EFF recently published its investigation into Fog Data Science, which claims in marketing materials sent to law enforcement that it has billions of location...
multi-colored hands with circuit patterns reach to the sky

EFF Calls for Limiting Mandatory Cooperation, Safeguarding Human Rights in International Cybercrime Investigations as Talks Resume for Proposed UN Cybercrime Treaty

In a new round of talks this week to formulate a UN Cybercrime Treaty, EFF is calling for strictly limiting the scope of the convention’s international cooperation provisions and safeguards to ensure that states respect human rights when responding to legal assistance requests.EFF is among a group of ...


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