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Our Work

STOP x RadTech: Practical Cybersecurity for Activists and Organizers

STOP x RadTech: Practical Cybersecurity for Activists and OrganizersFrom the Organizers:Last month we heard about the centuries-old tradition of U.S. state surveillance of activists, protestors, and people of color in order to suppress social movements, penalize free speech, and enact violence on marginalized groups seeking justice. Unfortunately, that legacy extends...

RightsCon: The future of civil society's online home – .ORG

Last November, news broke that the Internet Society had agreed to sell Public Interest Registry – the organization responsible for overseeing the .ORG top-level domain — to a newly formed private equity firm called Ethos Capital. After months of debate and widespread outcry from civil society and other stakeholders around...

A Legal Deep Dive on Mexico’s Disastrous New Copyright Law

Mexico has just adopted a terrible new copyright law, thanks to pressure from the United States (and specifically from the copyright maximalists that hold outsized influence on US foreign policy).This law closely resembles the Digital Millennium Copyright Act enacted in the US 1998, with a few differences that make it...

Mexico's New Copyright Law Undermines Mexico's National Sovereignty, Continuing Generations of Unfair "Fair Trade Deals" Between the USA and Latin America

Earlier this month, Mexico's Congress hastily imported most of the US copyright system into Mexican law, in a dangerous and ill-considered act. But neither this action nor its consequences occurred in a vacuum: rather, it was a consequence of Donald Trump's US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the successor to NAFTA.Trade...


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