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Deeplinks Blog

Using Trademark to Stymie Interoperability?

Autodesk has brought an interesting trademark infringement lawsuit against the nonprofit Open Design Alliance (ODA), which could have important implications for people who want to build applications that save files in proprietary file formats. It seems that AutoDesk has introduced a new wrinkle in the standard AutoCAD .dwg file...

Last Days of Lame Duck Congress

Yesterday, lame duck legislators returned for their final week before handing the reins over to the 110th Congress next month. While it looks like there won't be any mischief on the digital freedom front, major record labels might once again try to sneak through mandatory restrictions for digital radio...

Major Ohio County Reconsiders E-Voting

After another election with flawed touch-screen electronic voting machines, Cuyahoga County, Ohio may say enough is enough. The AP reports: "The commissioners of the state's most populous county are considering getting rid of touch-screen voting machines and putting in a new system for the presidential election in 2008. "Cuyahoga...

The Gifts that Keep on Giving (and Sharing, and Reusing - and Campaigning)

Make magazine's href="">Open Source Gift Guide is an eye-opening collection of the products and services that aid your freedom to tinker, share, improve and learn seriously. Some of the goods offered are more aspirational than practical holiday gifts: you'll be hard put to track down the OpenMako unrestricted...


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