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¿Quién defiende tus datos?

¿Quién Defiende Tus Datos?: Four Years Setting The Bar for Privacy Protections in Latin America and Spain

Four years have passed since our partners first published Who Defends Your Data (¿Quién Defiende Tus Datos?), a report that holds ISPs accountable for their privacy policies and processes in eight Latin America countries and Spain. Since then, we’ve seen major technology companies providing more transparency about how and...
Congress + Action

EFF Defends Section 230 in Congress

Watch EFF Legal Director Corynne McSherry Defend the Essential Law Protecting Internet Speech All of us have benefited from Section 230, a federal law that has promoted the creation of virtually every open platform or communication tool on the Internet. The law’s premise is simple. If you are not the...

Secret Court Rules That the FBI’s “Backdoor Searches” of Americans Violated the Fourth Amendment

But the Court Misses the Larger Problem: Section 702’s Mass Surveillance is Inherently Unconstitutional EFF has long maintained that it is impossible to conduct mass surveillance and still protect the privacy and constitutional rights of innocent Americans, much less the human rights of innocent people around the world. This week...
China Spying


Translator: Participants of Oct. 2019 Coffee and Circumvention @ Taipei.Translation coordinator: Open Culture Foundation譯者:2019.10 網路自由小聚參與者 對於身處於中華人民共和國(People’s Republic of China, PRC,以下稱中國)國境之外的人們來說,中國式的網路審查並不陌生,也就是透過國內網絡、藉由「防火長城」來進行,這個系統能夠透過監控、封鎖的技術來阻止中國公民瀏覽牆外的網站。中國政府認為架設防火長城符合「網絡主權」的概念,理由正當。中華人民共和國長久以來皆如此宣示:「在中國境內,網際網路是中國主權管轄的範圍。」 而香港,在一國兩制下,得以置身於防火長城之外,來自外國的數位服務如推特 (Twitter)、谷歌 (Google) 和臉書 (Facebook) 在香港可以正常運作,香港在地的網路服務供應商也公開表示反對國家審查網路。 然而隨著香港示威抗議運動持續升溫,中國開始毫不掩飾越過國境,將其觸角延伸到防火長城以外,在全球輿論空間不斷干擾、詆毀反送中運動。當中國以全世界為場域,試圖噤聲牆外的抗爭消息時,中國向全世界展示了它的能耐,展露其消弭異議和批評之聲的工具。 其中一些手段,像是對私人企業施壓(例如 : 美國運動公司 NBA 和遊戲公司暴雪)登上了美國頭條新聞,激怒這些公司的客戶和員工。 另一些手段則更有技巧,對西方觀察家來說不那麼顯而易見。 瞄準牆外網站的「大砲」大炮」 (Great Cannon) 是一套大規模的技術系統,透過設立在中國的網路服務供應商,在進行網路審查的同時,一併把攻擊用的 Javascript 程式碼,在不安全的 HTTP...
Facebook Face Recognition

Victory! California Governor Signs A.B. 1215

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has officially signed a bill that puts a moratorium on law enforcement’s use of face recognition for three years. Under Assemblymember Phil Ting’s bill, A.B. 1215, police departments and law enforcement agencies across the state of California will have until January 1, 2020 to end any...


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