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EFF To U.S. Supreme Court: Rule Carefully In Free Speech Case About Private Operators, State Actors, and the First Amendment

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide an opportunity for everyone to have a voice on the Internet, to communicate with friends, post their views, and comment on movies or the president. However, the fact that they provide a broad, open platform for speech doesn’t automatically mean they...
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Cato Institute Surveillance Conference

Senior Investigative Researcher Dave Maass will present a talk on EFF's first virtual reality project, Spot the Surveillance, at the Cato Surveillance Conference. You can watch live online, but if you're at the conference, you can also demo the project on an Oculus Go. Spot the Surveillance teaches people...

Center for Genetics and Society v. Becerra

Two social justice organizations—the Center for Genetics and Society and the Equal Justice Society—and an individual plaintiff, Pete Shanks, have filed suit against the state of California for its collection and retention of genetic profiles from people arrested but never convicted of any crime. EFF and the Law Office of...
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Spot the Surveillance: How EFF Is Using VR to Take on Big Brother

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Spot the Surveillance project is a virtual reality (VR) experience that teaches people how to identify the various spying technologies that police may deploy in communities, including body cameras, license plate readers, and drones. EFF’s Laura Schatzkin and Dave Maass will discuss EFF’s work, the concepts...

From Washington to State Capitols: What’s Next for Net Neutrality?

36th Annual Institute on Telecommunications Policy & Regulation Panel Latest status update on federal open Internet rules What is happening in the states in response to Pai FCC eliminating the Wheeler-era broadband reclassification and net neutrality regulation What are some of the key legal challenges pending before the courts Prospects...


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