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Podcast Episode - Who Inserted the Creepy?

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

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Websites Invade Your Privacy to Charge You More

CNN has a report detailing an unsavory practice euphemistically called "price customization." In short, websites examine the web data you automatically shed (cookies, IP address, etc.) so they can charge you a different price for a product or service depending on your "identity" and shopping habits.
The article...

What Does Apple's Switch to Intel Mean for DRM?

Apple fans who don't like digital rights managment (DRM) have been fretting about Apple's announcement Monday that it will move from the "PowerPC" to the Intel architecture. The Intel hardware platform is seen as more DRM-laden because of Intel's high-profile involvement in various DRM initiatives (something it's quite ...

Offering != Distribution

Judge Marilyn Patel issued a ruling (PDF) Wednesday that settles an important question in the ongoing Napster (yes, Napster) case -- whether under the law, simply offering copyrighted material to others (say, by listing it in an index) means you're distributing it.
The record label lawyers, as ...

Tor Named One of the Year's Best Products

PC World Lauds Free, Anonymous Communication Tool as Superior to Paid Competitors San Francisco, CA - PC World has included the Tor anonymous Internet communication tool in its list of the year's best products. Tor is being developed with support from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and was previously...

CommDaily: MPAA May Not Seek Broadcast Flag in DTV Bill

Extraordinarily good news from Communications Daily (behind a pay wall, unfortunately):

The Motion Picture Association of America is unlikely to push for a broadcast flag component in DTV legislation establishing a 2008 hard date because the bill's main author, House Commerce Committee Chairman Joe Barton (R-TX), is against the...

EFF Obtains Draft PATRIOT Bill

Bill Gives Justice Department More Power to Demand Private Records On Thursday, May 26, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will consider in closed session a draft bill that would both renew and expand various USA PATRIOT Act powers. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has obtained a copy of the...

ISP Liability Debate in Regulation Magazine

The most recent edition of Regulation, a magazine published by the Cato Institute, includes an excellent article entitled "Against ISP Liability" [PDF] by Cato's own Jim Harper.
Jim's article responds to an earlier article by Professor Douglas Lichtman, "Holding Internet Service Providers Accountable" [PDF], in which...

California Debates RFIDs in ID Cards

NOTE: THIS RELEASE COMES FROM THE ACLU OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. EFF IS RECIRCULATING IT FOR YOUR INFORMATION. Bill to Protect Californians' Privacy, Personal Safety, and Financial Security Advances in State Senate Sacramento - The State Senate yesterday approved a bill with broad bipartisan support (29:7) that would prohibit state and...

Can Florida’s Election Officials Ignore the Law?

Circuit Court Deliberates Manual Recount Problems with Touchscreen Voting MachinesFlorida - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and a coalition of national groups concerned with voting integrity filed a friend-of-the-court brief in a seminal e-voting case brought by Florida Congressman Robert Wexler and others. Florida law requires manual recounts in...


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