Last week, we raised the alarm about an empty privacy bill moving fast through the Virginia legislature. The bill, SB 1392, is supported by Microsoft and Amazon, and would set a dangerous standard for state privacy bills.

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Virginia: Speak Up for Real Privacy

The bill has passed through the House Committee on Technology, Communications, and Innovation and is headed to a floor vote in the House this week.

Thanks to your messages and the work of privacy and consumer advocates on the ground in Virginia, lawmakers have started to hear the message that privacy laws should protect people, not businesses. While they have made some small changes to the bill, such as a mandate to set up a working group to suggest ways to strengthen the bill, these changes are not nearly enough to protect the people of Virginia. It is much better to pass a strong bill than to pass a weak one with the hope of improving it, and we urge the legislature to hit pause on SB 1392 until it can be amended to offer real protections.

Now that people demanding privacy have the ear of the legislature, it’s time to speak up. Write to your delegates and demand real privacy in Virginia.