This Thursday, the Paraguayan Chamber of Deputies will vote on a data retention mandate—one of the worst freedom-killing bills we've seen so far in Paraguay. The bill, dubbed Pyrawebs, is a big deal: data retention mandates are a disproportionate measure that should be sorely rejected. It is now that time to mobilize your networks.

Here's how you can participate:

Post about Pyrawebs and its numerous issues on your website or over social media

To join the action, we encourage you to write about the dangers of this bill. A blog post, a Facebook update, or even a tweet (using the hashtag #Pyrawebs) linking to TEDIC’s action alert could go a long way in helping our friends in Paraguay to stop #Pyrawebs.

We have a number of blog posts up about the data retention mandate problems, including a general overview post (EN) (ES); a thorough FAQ (ES);  TEDIC's 10 Myths About Pyrawebs [ES], and a discussion of how it's an unnecessary and disproportionate measure (ES) [EN]. If you are Paraguayan, we encourage you to read up and educate your networks—through posts or tweets—about the Pyrawebs’ dangers.

Tweet at the Paraguayan Congress

If you are Paraguayan, contact your Paraguayan congressman and express your major concerns with Pyrawebs. Tweet at Congress, share the list, and spread the word about Pyrawebs' issues here #pyrawebs.

Follow TEDIC's site for more updates

As this week goes on, we'll be posting more updates, actions, and analysis around Pyrawebs on our site. You should also visit the online campaign at and here. This bill is riddled with a number of flaws that threaten Paraguayans' right to privacy and free expression, their right to read and communicate without fear of reprisal. Be sure to check back here often.