Justice Department Still Reviewing District Court Decision on Export Controls on Encryption Software

The Justice Department said today it is considering
what further legal measures it will take following yesterday's ruling by
the U.S. District Court in San Francisco that certain aspects of the
government's regulations on the export of encryption software are
unconstitutional. Another federal court upheld the...

Plaintiff Seeks Summary Judgment in Cleveland Case Challenging Licensing of "Exports" of Cryptographic Information

Government Argues That Law Professor Cannot Challenge Regulation
Requiring Him to Get Permission Before Teaching and Publishing
Because He Did Not Apply for That Permission
Oral Argument in Junger v. Christopher Set for Wednesday, November 20
Cleveland, Ohio, Tuesday, October 1, 1996
For Immediate Release

Judge Patel to Decide if Government Restrictions on Cryptography Violate the First Amendment

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San Francisco, CA -- On Friday, September 20, 1996, Judge Marilyn Hall
Patel will hold hearings in...

Law Professor Sues Federal Government Over Computer Privacy Issues

For Immediate Release
Cleveland, Wednesday, August 7, 1996
For More Information Contact:
Raymond Vasvari (216) 522-1925
Gino Scarselli (216) 291-8601
More Information Will Be Available at:
URL: http://samsara.law.cwru.edu
A Case Western Reserve University law professor filed suit today in

Federal Court Denies Government's Motion to Dismiss Bernstein Case, Acknowledges Source Code as Speech

April 17, 1996
Electronic Frontier Foundation Contacts:
Shari Steele, Staff Counsel
301/375-8856, ssteele@eff.org
Lori Fena, Executive Director
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Denying the government's motion for dismissal in mathematician Daniel Bernstein's suit against the State Department, Judge Marilyn Hall Patel in the Northern District of California...

Letter to 60 Minutes

60 Minutes
CBS News
555 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
Dear 60 Minutes,
Your February 26 story on computer security missed the most important point
-- the United States Government requires network providers to keep their
systems easily exploited. Encryption would...


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