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TorrentSpy to MPAA: Log this! Site blocks US searches


TorrentSpy to MPAA: Log this! Site blocks US searches

US users of the popular Torrent search site TorrentSpy can use the site no more—at least not for now. TorrentSpy has begun to block all searches by US visitors, instead redirecting search requests to a page with the headline "TorrentSpy Acts to Protect Privacy"...

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Center for Democracy and Technology both warned that such a decision imposed massive record-keeping burdens on practically any company that uses computers. Not only that, but Internet privacy would essentially be dead if companies were forced to hand over such information to the MPAA, RIAA, or anyone else for that matter. "A court would never think to force a company to record telephone calls, transcribe employee conversations, or log other ephemeral information," EFF attorney Fred von Lohmann said. "There is no reason why the rules should be different simply because a company uses digital technologies."

Monday, August 27, 2007
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