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News-Press Allegedly Asks Google to Reveal Blog Commenter


News-Press Allegedly Asks Google to Reveal Blog Commenter

One presumably regular reader of BlogaBarbara - the online journal of Santa Barbara happenings kept by the pseudonymous Sara De La Guerra - would have checked the site yesterday and found a departure from the frequent musings on the internal happenings at the Santa Barbara News-Press: a warning directed specifically at himself or herself that Ampersand Publishing wants to know their name...

Corynne McSherry, an EFF staff attorney who describes the organization as "the ACLU of the internet," said standard procedure of the EFF in these kinds of cases is to demand the subpoenaing party to present just cause for the action in order to ensure that people aren't being exposed for petty reasons. "It's important to understand we're not saying that under no circumstances should you not be able to find out someone's identity if that person has genuinely defamed you... in a way that people would actually believe them," McSherry said. "If that's the case, then you may have a basis for legitimate claim to sue them in a court of law."

Monday, June 18, 2018
Santa Barbara Independent
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