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The latest attempt by the recording industry to take away our right to time-shift (i.e. record and play later) digital audio streams recieved a boost today from U.S. District Judge Deborah A. Batts, who saw merit in the labels' claims that "XM directly infringes on their exclusive distribution rights by letting consumers record songs onto special receivers marketed as 'XM + MP3' players"...

Senator Diane Feinstein's re-introduced PERFORM Act would make digital recording products such as XM's and others yet to come illegal from the get-go, and would even bar legally-licensed online radio stations from streaming in the MP3 format. Luckily, the EFF is all over Feinstein about this, with a special page where you can let your own Senators know exactly how you feel about the PERFORM Act.

Friday, April 20, 2018
Wired News
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