EFF Event Sponsorship

Whether in addition to annual Organizational Membership, or as a way to support EFF with a single contribution, Event Sponsorship is a great way to reach out to tech-savvy individuals and show that your organization supports EFF’s guiding principles.

EFF provides event sponsors with maximum exposure both before and during the event.

Before the event, we’ll include the names and logos of sponsors on EFF’s website and in our weekly newsletter, EFFector, which goes out to more than 70,000 subscribers. We'll also thank sponsors in email announcements to EFF members and other promotional event materials. Higher level sponsors are also invited to display a company banner at the event itself, and are given tickets to the event which can be used by employees and/or clients. We also thank sponsors from the stage whenever possible.

If you are interested in supporting any of the following events, please contact Kellie Brownell at (415) 436-9333 ext.113 or kellie@eff.org.

Public Events and Programs

Birthday Party: Each year, EFF invites one and all to celebrate our birthday at a San Francisco nightspot with renowned musicians and luminaries from DJ Spooky to chiptune artist Trash80 to television's Adam Savage. A fundraiser which often features a VIP event with EFF Board members and special guests, the Birthday Party draws the widest audience of all of our events.

DEF CON Contest: DEF CON attendees have the opportunity to win unique prizes by raising funds for EFF. Contest sponsors can contribute prizes or underwrite the contest itself, which we publicize regularly leading up to BlackHat and DEF CON. Past prizes have included free entry to theSummit Party, coveted Ninja Badges, and a host of swag.

Geek Gatherings: Featuring well-known tech luminaries ranging from xkcd creator Randall Monroe to activist and author Cory Doctorow, EFF’s Geek Readings attract technologists and geeks from the entire Bay Area, not all of whom are familiar with our issues. Geek Readings are lively and held in a casual environment, and also often a unique and in-depth look at one or more of our issues.


Members-Only Speakeasy: This members-only happy hour is a chance for the public to meet EFF staff and raise a glass to freedom with the people who make it possible. Speakeasies have been hosted down the street from our office, across the country, and even overseas. While we try to host Speakeasies quarterly, their schedule largely depends on where staff members are traveling and when. They are also a great opportunity for local digital rights supporters to meet one another.

Pioneer AwardsPioneer Awards: Each year since 1991, EFF has held the Pioneer Awards to recognize and honor three leaders on the electronic frontier who are extending freedom and innovation in the realm of information technology. Past winners include: World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, cryptographer Whit Diffie, science fiction writer Bruce Sterling, Linux creator Linus Torvalds, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and Benetech Human Rights Program Director Patrick Ball. An upscale, uplifting event, the Pioneer Awards is a big draw for EFF's core community.

Trivia Night: Every summer, EFF invites technology lawyers to prove their mastery over obscure cases in the style of a pub trivia night. Local firms, their summer associates, and the in-house council from several high tech companies face off in a friendly, but nonetheless stiff competition. We try to keep this event small to encourage a strong community feel.

Pioneer AwardsVIP Events: Held in conjunction with many of our larger events, VIP events attract EFF's higher level supporters, along with luminaries in our space. They serve as a great networking opportunity and a chance to spend individual time with the "stars of the show." As VIP events often precede a larger event, this is a excellent lower-level sponsorship opportunity.


Organizational Members

EFF's Organizational Members at all levels enjoy enhanced opportunities for recognition and participation when sponsoring an event. Contact Kellie Brownell at (415) 436-9333 ext. 113 or kellie@eff.org for more information on sponsoring an event as a member. Membership offers many benefits, including invitations to events, public recognition with your permission, and more. Please see our Organizational Membership page for more information on joining EFF.

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