September 15, 2022 - 1:30pm PDT

About this event

The WebXR Brand Summit is an all-day virtual event with a long list of innovators who will share their insights on the paradigm shift of advertising in the immersive medium. Strategic discussions on a range of topics including Immersive AdTech, V-Commerce, Fashion and Luxury, Branded Events, Making your Brand Metaverse Ready, Intellectual Property, and more.

We're honored to be welcoming XR Innovation thought leaders including: Amy Peck, Tony Parisi, Alan Smithson, D.J. Smith, Kent Bye, Avi Bar-Zeev, Athena Demos, Anne-Marie Enns, Andy Fidel, Dulce Baerga, Valerie Vacante, Briar Prestidge, Veronica Costa Orvalho, Daniel Dyboski-Bryant, Karen Alexander, Gary Fearnall, Katitza Rodriguez Pereda, Aura Freeman, Vanitha Swaminathan, James Kaplan, Richard Ward, Jake Steinerman, Evan Gappelberg, Han Kim, Linda Ricci, Kiira, Benzing, Cynthia Maller, Bobby Carlton, Marco Cavalho, Celeste Lear, Benno K. Erhardt, Will Knecht, Ashley Crowder, Elijah Tai, Sonya Haskins Daria Fedko, Brian Hutchinson, Terry Proto, Samantha G. Wolfe, Tom Ffiske and more.