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Podcast Episode - Who Inserted the Creepy?

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

Dispositivos Flipper Zero estão sendo apreendidos pela Agência de Telecomunicações do Brasil

Você já deve ter ouvido falar do Flipper Zero. É comercializado como um "Dispositivo Multiferramenta Portátil para Geeks"—um dispositivo portátil programável embalado com hardware que facilita os testes de penetração sem fio e o hacking. O dispositivo, que saúda seu proprietário com um adorável ciberdolphin em sua tela monocromática...

Report: ICE and the Secret Service Conducted Illegal Surveillance of Cell Phones

The Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General has released a troubling new report detailing how federal agencies like Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), and the Secret Service have conducted surveillance using cell-site simulators (CSS) without proper authorization and in violation of the law. Specifically,...

The light from a surveillance camera shines on three Black faces, which look directly at the camera.

Coded Resistance, the Comic!

In collaboration with The Nib and illustrator Chelsea Saunders, we've adapted "Coded Resistance" into comic form. Explore the stories of slave revolts, the coded songs of Harriet Tubman, civil rights era strategies for circumventing "Ma Bell," and the use of modern day technology to document police abuse.

Win for Government Transparency and Immigrant Privacy Rights at Second Circuit

Intern Reema Moussa contributed to this blog post.As government agencies increasingly use digital tools to track citizens and immigrants, we need to use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to make that surveillance transparent. But while the government opens its databases to public scrutiny, it must also protect individual privacy.Late...


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