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EFF on Digital Networks' decision to disable ReplayTV's features

EFF is disappointed with Digital Networks North America's decision to disable the Commercial Advance and Send Show features in new model 5500 ReplayTVs. "This is yet another example of Hollywood dictating what technologies consumers can and can't use" said EFF Attorney Gwen Hinze. "Consumers are the real losers from Digital...

Dastar Court strengthens public domain

EFF welcomes the Supreme Court's decision in Dastar Corp. v. Twentieth Century Fox, that the Lanham Act does not interfere with republication of uncopyrighted works. "The Supreme Court's unanimous decision recognized that the public should be free to reuse materials from the public domain," said EFF Staff Attorney Wendy Seltzer...

California Supreme Court to Hear DVD Case

San Francisco - The California Supreme Court has scheduled a hearing for May 29, 2003, on a key legal challenge to the publication of information regarding the decryption of DVDs. In the case, called DVD-CCA v. Bunner, California resident Andrew Bunner was one of thousands of republishers of the DVD-decryption...

EFF on Veto of Colorado Super-DMCA

"Governor Owens, in vetoing the Colorado super-DMCA bill, recognized that these bills are bad for innovation, bad for competition, and bad for consumers," said Fred von Lohmann, senior staff attorney with the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation. "These MPAA-sponsored bills represent the worst kind of special interest legislation, sacrificing the public...

TIA Report Shines No New Light

The Bush Administration released its long-awaited report to Congress on the "Total Information Awareness" program today. (Now renamed "Terrorism Information Awareness") "The report is disappointing -- after more than a hundred pages, you don't know anything more about whether TIA will work or whether your civil liberties will be...

Court Hears 321 Studios Argument

Judge Susan Illston of the Northern District of California heard arguments in 321 Studios v. Metro Goldwyn Mayer this morning on whether 321's DVD backup software violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. "Fair use and the DMCA have been on a collision course since 1998," said EFF Staff Attorney Wendy...

EFF on College Student Settlements

The Wall Street Journal reports that all four of the college students recently sued by the RIAA have settled their actions, agreeing to pay between $12,000 and $17,500 each without admitting any wrongdoing. The students allegedly maintained "index servers" that allowed students to search on-campus local area networks (LANs...

Court Gives Hollywood Broad Powers to Violate Your Privacy

The D.C. District Court today ruled that alleged copyright infringers are to be deemed guilty until proven innocent. Judge Bates agreed with RIAA that copyright holders can issue subpoenas to ISPs to demand identifying information about any Internet users based upon a mere allegation of infringement, with no notice to...

Digital Rights Management: The Skeptics' View

April 2003

Fred von Lohmann
(415) 436-9333 x123

A wide variety of technologies travel under the banner of "digital rights management" (DRM). In appropriate circumstances, these technologies can solve real problems for users, technology vendors, and content owners. Some, however, have made more ambitious claims...

EFF on RIAA's Latest P2P Lawsuits

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) today announced that it has filed lawsuits against four college students, accusing them of running "Napster-like" services inside their university networks. "This is another in a string of unfortunate efforts by the recording industry to treat music fans like criminals," said Fred...

CBS Rejects Gateway Ad

CBS has rejected a new television commercial produced by Gateway aimed at educating consumers about enjoying digital music while respecting copyright. The computer-maker had created the ad to accompany its new "RipBurnRespect" campaign. "The entertainment industries have stressed the need for 'copyright education,' said Fred von Lohmann, EFF...

EFF: Federal Court Reverses in Web Publishing Case

Oakland, CA - A federal court today agreed with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that the tax problem help website should not be forced to rewrite truthful information in order to appear less prominently in search engine results.
"The court's decision to reverse an earlier ruling on


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