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Deeplinks Blog

Adobe Pushes DRM for Flash

The immense popularity of sites like YouTube has unexpectedly turned Flash Video (FLV) into one of the de facto standards for Internet video. The proliferation of sites using FLV has been a boon for remix culture, as creators made their own versions of posted videos. And thus far there has...

EFF at Plutopia

Visit the EFF booth at Plutopia! in Austin, Texas, "the 8th Annual SXSW EFF-Austin Interactive Tech Gathering of the Tribes". Monday, March 10, 2008 Scholz Garten 1607 San Jacinto Blvd Austin, Texas 78701

No Immunity for Unknown Unknowns

Today, Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell admitted that corporate complicity in legally dubious activities far exceeds what's already publicly known: The Associated Press reports: Already, [DNI McConnell] says the roughly 40 lawsuits filed against telecom companies nationwide have chilled the private sector's willingness to help the intelligence...
Transparency issue banner, a colorful graphic of a magnifying lens over some paper folders

Total Election Awareness

Over the last several years, EFF has strongly opposed the use of closed, unverifiable voting technologies, bringing litigation to investigate faulty machines and challenge bad practices as well as backing legislation that would move us towards more trustworthy elections. For 2008, EFF is making a new contribution to help keep...

Cartoon Skewers Immunity

SFGate's Mark Fiore has blown a hole through the middle of arguments for telecom immunity. His latest cartoon featuring "Snuggly, the Security Bear" is more eloquent than any newspaper editorial could ever be:

FISA Amendments Act News Roundup

Sixty-seven senators chose to side with corporate interests rather than uphold the Constitution today, passing the FISA Amendments Act (FAA) and voting to reject every amendment that would have improved the bill and protected American civil liberties. For a list of which Senator cast which shameful vote, here is the...


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