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A person using a laptop inside a house; outside are viruses

At Home With EFF: COVID-19, Free Speech, and Privacy

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced both individuals and companies to adopt new practices and new technologies quickly—sometimes creating serious risks to our civil liberties. Join EFF for a livestreamed video discussion about what we've learned as online platform moderation becomes more automated, with platforms like Facebook flagging and censoring more...

EFF Seeks Public Comment About Expanding and Improving Santa Clara Principles

San Francisco—The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) announced today a call for feedback and recommendations from organizations and individuals around the world to update the landmark 2018 Santa Clara Principles on Transparency and Accountability, which established due process standards for moderating users’ online speech.Parties interested in strengthening and expanding the standards...

Flatten The Curve Summit

Flatten the Curve Summit is bringing together leading experts in public health, law, cyber conflict, climate change, collaboration, and digital self-defense. This three-day remote Summit will showcase each of its 21 speakers for one-hour remote sessions where they will share empowering knowledge, strategies, and tools. Attendees will learn how to...

Politicians Blocking Users They Don’t Like on Twitter Are Violating the First Amendment, and Endangering Public Safety Amid the Pandemic

Like many Americans, Missourian Mike Campbell follows his elected officials on Twitter. That is, he did—until his state representative, Cheri Toalson Reisch, blocked him after he retweeted comments critical of her. We’ve seen other public officials, including President Trump, try to block on Twitter people whose views they don’t...


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