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EFF at LibrePlanet 2021

EFF is happy to be a part of this year's online LibrePlanet, hosted by the Free Software Foundation, with the theme of empowering users. Registration is free and we will be at the virtual exhibitor hall, so stop by and give us a virtual hello! Be sure to catch...

Congress Proposes Bold Plan to End the Digital Divide

New year, new Congress, but the problems of Internet access remains. If anything, the longer the COVID-19 crisis continues, the stronger the case for fast, affordable, Internet for all becomes. And so, an updated version of the Accessible, Affordable Internet for All Act has been introduced. It remains a bold...

SXSW: The Perils of De-Platforming

When Twitter made the decision to de-platform Donald Trump, it was, according to Twitter, to mitigate “the risk of further incitement of violence.” Since then, a wide range of technology companies and platforms have restricted or removed speakers they’ve deemed dangerous. The practice is praised by some, criticized by others...


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