EFF is celebrating the spirit of Las Vegas hacker summer camp this week and—whether you're online or in personyou're invited to support the movement for digital freedom. Technology touches more of your life every day. Whether you’re telling a friend you’re on the way or you’re finding a new doctor, the modern world makes online access increasingly necessary. But law and policy often lag behind, and even threaten, your freedom online. That’s the reason why EFF exists. And you can help us defend the rights of digital creators, security researchers, and technology users everywhere.

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The EFF crew is celebrating a return to the Las Vegas hacker conferences—BSidesLV, Black Hat, and DEF CON—after two long years. It’s a meaningful way to reconnect with the grassroots curiosity and creativity that we need in tech. Technology users can and must do better than an internet dominated by a handful of corporations, and together we make it possible.

For the first time, EFF’s annual mystery-filled DEF CON t-shirt is available online AND in Las Vegas, but it won’t last long. This tongue-in-cheek Extremely Online T-Shirt is an expression of our love for the internet and the people who make it great. Many thanks to artist and hacker favorite Eddie the Y3t1 Mize for this collectors’ edition artwork, and to our multi-year t-shirt puzzle champions @aaronsteimle@0xCryptoK@detective_6, and jabberw0nky of the Muppet Liberation Front for creating the puzzle. Give it a try!

EFF is proud to support technology users everywhere by defending the rights of creators and security researchers. Sometimes this means opposing flawed copyright laws like the DMCA, dissecting the devastating effects of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, sharing information about security threats, championing web encryption, and even trying to fix the broken patent system that hinders so many innovators.

EFF runs on public support and we’re grateful to the members around the world who make all of our work possible. Thank you for standing on the side of tech users.

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