Donate before 2020 and help the Electronic Frontier Foundation unlock eight challenge grants that increase in size from $200 to $20,000. Every supporter counts! We love the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk aesthetic around these parts, but we don’t have to live that way. EFF is working to ensure technology users have respect and choice, and you can help. And if you donate this year, you will help EFF unlock a series of additional grants!

Every person and every contribution matters in our 2019 Year End Challenge. This is a critical time of year for nonprofits, so EFF’s board of directors created a series of potential grants that will increase in size as the number of supporters grows, until December 31st! This is a prime opportunity to maximize the impact of your donation when you join EFF or renew your membership, and you can even donate in honor of a loved one or colleague for the holidays.

Together, we can protect crucial rights to privacy and free expression. We’ve forged an Internet where 80% of web traffic is now encrypted with the help of EFF’s work on Let’s Encrypt and Certbot. We just earned an important win for device privacy at the U.S. border in our Alasaad v. McAleenan lawsuit. We’re also fighting new calls for censorship and corporate control that would easily silence disempowered voices and change the way we engage with ideas online. With your help, EFF isn’t stopping.

Let’s keep tech dystopias in the realm of sci-fi. Donate to EFF to build a better future, and help us unlock over $50,000 in additional grants before the end of the year!

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