February 27, 2014 | By Maira Sutton

Change the Future of Copyright in Europe—Submit Your Comments to the European Commission

Tell Europe your views on CopyrightThe European Commission's open consultation on copyright ends in less than a week on Mar. 5. It's a rare and important opportunity for anyone who uses the Internet— whether you are a student or artists, librarian or entrepreneur— to influence the future of innovation policy in the region.

The 80 question "Public Consultation on the Review of the EU Copyright Rules" can be dizzying to tackle on its own, but there are several easy-to-use platforms that can help anyone with navigating the survey.

How to Submit Your Own Comments

  • Let's Fix EU Copyright! — Choose from a list of categories that best describe you, and this site will give you a list of questions that may be relevant to your interests.
  • Copywrongs.eu — Pick from a variety of activities and statements about your experience with copyright, and this site will select related questions for you to answer.
  • Webform: Public Consultation on the review of the EU copyright rules — Use this form if you would like to answer any of the 80 questions. As you answer the questions, you can read other organizations' answers. When you're done, you can download your comments as a text document, and a pop-up will provide you with the address to email it to the European Commission.
  • Tell Europe your views on Copyright — Open Rights Group in the UK has highlighted four pressing questions affecting users. Use this platform to submit your responses.
  • Przyszłość Prawa Autorskiego Konsultacje Europejskie —Modern Poland Foundation has created this platform to make it easy for Polish speakers to submit comments. You can answer one open-ended question about copyright, the 12 they have highlighted, or all 80 questions.

Submission and Guides from Other Organizations

Digital rights organizations across the EU have submitted their own comments, addressing a wide range of restrictive copyright policies that afflict Internet users across the region. You can check out these various replies below:

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