This is one of many patent cases filed by Uniloc--one of the most active patent trolls in the world that filed more than 170 lawsuits in a year. Since then, various Uniloc entities have filed hundreds of patent suits, including this one against Apple in the Northern District of California.

We intervened to vindicate the public's right of access to court documents--including Apple's motion to dismiss the case for lack of standing and exhibits attached to that motion, which were completely and improperly sealed on the public docket. At the hearing on standing, Judge Alsup called out the impropriety of Uniloc's sealing requests, and made clear that excessive sealing would not be permitted in this case. Nevertheless, Uniloc sought reconsideration of Judge Alsup's initial sealing order (denying all of Uniloc's requests) and still asked for excessive, unjustified, and improper sealing--including of two entire exhibits. So EFF moved to intervene, again, to oppose Uniloc's request for reconsideration and ask Judge Alsup to uphold the decision to make everything public.

After the motion was fully briefed and two days before the scheduled hearing, Judge Alsup denied all of Uniloc's sealing requests--again.