James S. Tyre

EFF Special Counsel

Update: We lost our dear friend Jim Tyre in March 2020. Please see our tribute to Jim here.

Jim Tyre has been a practicing attorney since 1978, focusing primarily on speech issues. Jim has worked closely with EFF on a wide variety of matters, including Universal City Studios v. Reimerdes, Felten v. RIAA, Auerbach v. ICANN, as well as Jewel v. NSA and First Unitarian Church v. NSA, EFF's cases against the NSA and others on account of the NSA's unlawful domestic spying programs.

Jim is a co-founder of The Censorware Project, which began studying and criticizing censorware in 1997. In 2003, he testified before the Copyright Office, Library of Congress in support of the censorware exemption to the circumvention prohibition of Section 1201(a)(1) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. That exemption was one of four granted in the triennial rulemaking proceedings. Jim received his A.B. from Dartmouth College and his J.D. from Loyola Law School Los Angeles.


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Internet Loses One of its Biggest, Best Advocates: EFF Special Counsel Jim Tyre

EFF has just learned that our dear friend Special Counsel Jim Tyre—one of the biggest and best Internet advocates you may never have heard of—has passed away.UPDATE:The funeral will be on Sunday at 12:00 noon, Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary, 6001 W Centinela Ave, Los Angeles CA 90045We are...