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Craigslist: Sheriff's Lawsuit Should be Dismissed


Craigslist: Sheriff's Lawsuit Should be Dismissed

In the ongoing drama over its Erotic Services section, Craigslist this week urged an Illinois District Court to dismiss a lawsuit brought against it by a Cook County sheriff...

"While the AGs may wish it was not so, federal law protects Craigslist and no amount of posturing will change that fact," Matt Zimmerman, an EFF senior staff attorney, wrote in a blog post. "And that's a good thing. The existence of sites that rely on third party content depends on strong uniform legal protections against liability based on material posted by users. If site operators were forced to screen all third party contributions under risk of civil or criminal penalty, the Internet would lose many of the vibrant services that have made it so dynamic."

Thursday, May 7, 2009

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