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Judge Questions Telecom Immunity


Judge Questions Telecom Immunity

The constitutionality of retroactive immunity for telecoms that helped Bush spy on Americans got its day in court Tuesday, a little less than a year after senator Christopher Dodd all but shuttered Congress with an ultimately futile one-man stand against the idea...

Lawyers for the Electronic Frontier Foundation told Walker that Congress had no right to give the attorney general a magic wand to make cases against the telecoms go away just by telling the judge a little bit about what happened. The group is suing AT&T for helping the government spy on Americans' internet and phone usage.

"We have a right to an injunction against the telecoms," EFF's legal director Cindy Cohn said. "They are the gatekeepers ... They have an independent duty to protect Americans' privacy."

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Wired News

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