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FCC Ruling Against Comcast Is a Victory for Net Neutrality


FCC Ruling Against Comcast Is a Victory for Net Neutrality

The FCC stood up and did its job recently. It's the first time that the FCC has gone to such lengths to assert users' right to an open Internet. In a landmark ruling against internet giant Comcast, approved by a bipartisan FCC majority, the FCC ordered that Comcast must stop blocking internet access to its customers by year's end.


Comcast tried to hide the truth with tactics that vary from flat out lies to playing down its interference with customers' internet bandwidth and services. The company initially claimed that it only did this during peak traffic times and tried to use that as justification of its practices. Then it tried to say that they were not responsible for their customers' internet problems. After tests were conducted by the AP and Electronic Frontier Foundation that suggested that Comcast was in fact interfering with customers' attempts to share peer to peer file sharing applications, Comcast then changed their story and admitted that it did in fact target peer to peer traffic.

Friday, October 3, 2008
Natural News
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