Date Document
8/25/2014 Metadata Policy Conference
8/25/2014 ICREACH Wholesale Sharing
8/25/2014 ICREACH Black Budget Extract
8/25/2014 DNI Decision Memorandum on ICREACH
8/25/2014 CRISSCROSS/PROTON Point Paper
8/25/2014 CIA Colleagues Enthusiastically Welcome NSA Training
8/25/2014 Sharing Communications Metadata Across the U.S. Intelligence Community - ICREACH
8/15/2014 HACIENDA Program
8/12/2014 GCHQ Covert Mobile Phones Policy
8/5/2014 Directorate of Terrorist Identities (DTI) Strategic Accomplishments 2013
8/3/2014 NSA Intelligence Relationship With Israel
8/3/2014 Israel-US 1999 Agreement
7/25/2014 Saudi Arabia Information Paper
7/23/2014 March 2013 Watchlisting Guidance
7/23/2014 Signals Intelligence Authority Decision Tree
7/14/2014 GCHQ’s Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group
7/9/2014 Spying on Muslim-American Leaders
6/30/2014 FISA Amendments Act Summary Document
6/30/2014 ODNI Certification Regarding Foreign Entities
6/30/2014 List of Foreign Entities Authorized for Surveillance
6/30/2014 FISA Judge's Order Authorizing Surveillance of Foreign Entities
6/30/2014 Affidavit of Keith Alexander Regarding Spying on Foreign Entities
6/16/2014 Xkeyscore Fingerprints
6/16/2014 Analytics for targets in Europe
6/18/2014 Zoom of a Boundless Informant document, with project names
6/18/2014 Worldwide locations of the Cryptologic Services Groups
6/18/2014 Worldwide locations of NSA/CSS satellite surveillance
6/18/2014 World map from the Boundless Informant program
6/18/2014 US sites with NSA personnel in Germany
6/18/2014 Restrictions on the technical surveillance performed by JSA
6/18/2014 Report on the work of NSA/CSS Europe
6/18/2014 Report on the technical expansion of the European Technical Center in Wiesbaden
6/18/2014 Report on the surveillance of African countries by JSA
6/18/2014 Report on the one-year anniversary of the NSA liaison unit SUSLAG in Bad Aibling
6/18/2014 Report on the NSA’s access to TEMPORA
6/18/2014 Report on the NSA-BND cooperation known as Joint SIGINT Activity (JSA)
6/18/2014 Report on the changing of the ESOC’s name to European Cryptologic Center (ECC)
6/18/2014 Report on the changing of the ESC’s name to European Security Operations Center (ESOC)
6/18/2014 Report on the beginnings of the European Security Center (ESC) in the Dagger Complex
6/18/2014 Report on data exchange between the NSA and BND within the JSA framework
6/18/2014 Report on an XKeyscore training session at the ECC / Dagger Complex
6/18/2014 Report on an unexploded ordnance alarm at European Technical Centern
6/18/2014 Report on an NSA visit to BND site and on data transfer from the BND to the NSA
6/18/2014 Report on an NSA SIGDEV training course for allied countries
6/18/2014 Report on a WHARPDRIVE incident in an SSO presentation
6/18/2014 Presentation on the NSA/CIA unit Special Collection Service
6/18/2014 Presentation on PRISM and ECC's participation
6/18/2014 Presentation from the Center for Content Extraction
6/18/2014 Preliminary agenda of a meeting between NSA and BND officials
6/18/2014 Overview of the use of Boundless Informant (world map)