Date Document
1/17/2015 Report of An NSA Employee About a Backdoor In the OpenSSH Daemon
1/17/2015 Process Analysts Choose Their Data Requirement and Then Get to Know the Tools That Can Do the Job
1/17/2015 Sample Code of A Malware Program From the Five Eyes Alliance
1/17/2015 Technical Description of the FASHIONCLEFT Protocol
1/17/2015 Supply-chain Interdiction - Stealthy Techniques Can Crack Some of SIGINT's Hardest Targets
1/17/2015 Overview of Methods For NSA Integrated Cyber Operations
1/17/2015 Overview of the TRANSGRESSION Program to Analyze and Exploit Foreign CNA-CNE Exploits
1/17/2015 Projects of the TAO-ATO Department Such As the Remote Destruction of Network Cards
1/17/2015 Overview on the NSA Use of Bots and the DEFIANTWARRIOR Program
1/17/2015 The FASHIONCLEFT Protocol NSA Uses to Exfiltrate Data From Trojans and Implants to the NSA
12/28/2014 National Information Assurance Research Laboratory (NIARL) TUNDRA
12/28/2014 Description of VOIP Telephony Encryption Methods and Other Ways to Attack
12/28/2014 Description on the Processing of VPN Data Packets Within the TURMOIL Program
12/28/2014 Explanation of A Potential Technique to Deanonymise Users of the TOR Network
12/28/2014 Explanation of the GALLANTWAVE That Decrypts VPN Traffic Within LONGHAUL
12/28/2014 Explanation of the POISENNUT Product and Its Role When Attacking VPN
12/28/2014 Explanation of the Transform Engine Emulator When Attacking VPN
1/17/2015 Document Explaining the Role of the Remote Operations Center (ROC)
1/17/2015 Document About the Expansion of the Remote Operations Center (ROC) on Endpoint Operations
12/28/2014 Description of Existing Projects on VPN Decryption
12/28/2014 Decryption of VPN Connections Within the VALIANTSURF Program
12/28/2014 Classification Guide For Cryptanalysis
12/28/2014 Canadian Document From CES on TLS Trends
12/28/2014 A Potential Technique to Deanonymise Users of the TOR Network
12/28/2014 BLUESNORT Program on Net Defense From Encrypted Communications
12/28/2014 Analytics on Security of TOR Hidden Services
12/28/2014 Analytic Challenges From Active-Passive Integration When NSA Attacks IPSEC VPNs
12/28/2014 Analysis From SSL-TLS Connections Through GCHQ In the Flying Pig Database
1/17/2015 CSEC Document on the Handling of Existing Trojans When Trojanizing Computers
1/17/2015 CSEC Document About the Recognition of Trojans and Other network Based Anomaly
1/17/2015 Combination of Offensive and Defensive Missions - How Fourth-party Missions are Being Performed
1/17/2015 Classification Guide For Computer Network Exploitation (CNE)
1/17/2015 Analysis of Chinese Methods and Performed Actions In the Context of Computer Network Exploitation
12/14/2014 Senate Intelligence Committee Study of Detention and Interrogation Program
12/14/2014 GCHQ Stargate CNE Requirements
12/14/2014 GCHQ NAC Review October December 2011
12/14/2014 GCHQ NAC Review July Sept 2011
12/14/2014 GCHQ NAC Review January March 2012
12/14/2014 GCHQ NAC Review April June 2011
12/14/2014 GCHQ Mobile Networks In My NOC World
12/14/2014 GCHQ Making Network Sense of the Encryption
12/14/2014 GCHQ Hopscotch
12/14/2014 GCHQ Automated NOC Detection
12/4/2014 Wolframite Encryption Attack
12/4/2014 Opulant Pup Encryption Attack
12/4/2014 NSA GCHQ CSEC Network Tradecraft Advancement
12/4/2014 NSA First Ever Collect of High Interest 4G Cellular Signal
12/4/2014 IR21 A Technology Warning Mechanism
12/4/2014 Auroragold Working Group
12/4/2014 Auroragold Working Aid