A federal district court judge on
Tuesday denied homesharing company Airbnb, Inc. its request for an
injunction against a San Francisco law aimed at protecting local rental
housing stock from being used as tourist lodging.
Airbnb filed suit against the city to
get an injunction against the law, arguing among other things that it
curbed the company’s free speech under the first amendment and went
against the provisions of the Communications Decency Act that protect
web-based intermediaries from liability if users break the law.
“We see this as an issue that is not
really about Airbnb, but this is about the strength of the federal law
that protects internet intermediaries from liability,” said the EFF’s
David Greene. “If intermediaries were responsible for how their sites
were used by other people, then there would be these great disincentives
to having these sites, and the structure of the internet as we
currently have it would not be sustainable.”

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Mission Local