HP did apologize for its poor communication about the firmware update and promised to be more "transparent" in the future. But that alone won't satisfy the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which called on HP for a public commitment to never again use its software update process "to distribute anti-features that work against [HP] customers' interests."

The EFF told Ars today that it's glad to hear about the firmware update, but it wants to know what HP's plans are for informing users. "Today, the vast majority of people who use the affected printers do not know why their printers lost functionality, nor do they know that it’s possible to restore it," EFF Activist Elliot Harmon said. "All of those customers should be able to use their printers free of artificial restrictions, not just the relatively few who have been closely following this story."

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
ARS Technica

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