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How to Fix the Internet: Don't Be Afraid to Poke the Tigers

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Copyright Troll

Copyright Trolls Target Users in Brazil, Threatening Due Process and Data Protection Rights. Civil Society Groups Are There to Help

Copyright trolls typically don’t produce or distribute content, but instead make money off of copyrighted material by using the threat of litigation to shake down people who allegedly download movies and other content over the internet—a business model that invites harassment and abuse. These entities operate in many countries around...

A town showing many public features (parks, transport, a library) with the backdrop of a circuit board.

Court’s Decision Upholding Disastrous Texas Social Media Law Puts The State, Rather Than Internet Users, in Control of Everyone’s Speech Online

The First Amendment and the freedom of speech and expression it provides has helped make the internet what it is today: a place for diverse communities, support networks, and forums of all stripes to share information and connect people. Individuals and groups exercise their constitutional right to host and moderate...

Free Speech banner, an colorful graphic representation of a megaphone

تحالف دولي يطالب بالإفراج عن محمد الباقر وعلاء عبد الفتاح في ذكرى اعتقالهما الثالثة

يصادف يوم الخميس 29 سبتمبر/ أيلول 2022 مرور ثلاث سنوات على توقيف السلطات المصرية محامي حقوق الإنسان المصري محمد الباقر والكاتب البريطاني المصري والناشط المؤيد للديمقراطية علاء عبد الفتاح. بصفتنا تحالفًا عالميًا لمنظمات مجتمع مدني وأفراد، ندعو في ذكرى اعتقالهم السلطات المصرية إلى الإسقاط الفوري لجميع التهم الموجهة لهما، وإغلاق...


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