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Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog


New Global Alliance Calls on European Parliament to Make the Digital Services Act a Model Set of Internet Regulations Protecting Human Rights and Freedom of Expression

The European Parliament’s regulations and policy-making decisions on technology and the internet have unique influence across the globe. With great influence comes great responsibility. We believe the European Parliament (EP) has a duty to set an example with the Digital Services Act (DSA), the first major overhaul of European...

ICE and CBP agents use ALPR surveillance on a car

EFF Files New Lawsuit Against California Sheriff for Sharing ALPR Data with ICE and CBP

The Marin County Sheriff illegally shares the sensitive location information of millions of drivers with out-of-state and federal agencies, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The Sheriff uses automated license plate readers (ALPRs)—high-speed cameras mounted on street poles or squad cars—to scan license...

Several spying drones with eyeballs

Flight of the Concord Drones

This blog post was written by Kenny Gutierrez, EFF Bridge Fellow.The City Council of Concord, California, is tone deaf to community concerns regarding a proposed police Unmanned Aerial Surveillance (UAS) system – commonly referred to as drones. In a city where the police department is responsible for nearly ...

A striped cat opines using a megaphone.

ماذا ترفض پايبال PayPal الفلسطينيين؟

تبنى مدافعون/ات عن حقوق الفلسطينيين/ات قضية الفلسطينيين/ات في الأراضي المحتلة الممنوعين/ات من الوصول إلى خدمات پايپال PayPal، بينما يتمتع المستوطنون/ات الإسرائيليون/ات بحق الوصول الكامل إلى منتجات الشركة منذ سنوات. وتقود مجموعة "حملة" للحقوق الرقمية الفلسطينية حملة جديدة تطالب فيها پايپال PayPal للالتزام بمدونة قواعد السلوك المهني والأخلاقيات...


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