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About EFF's new building and the Building for a Digital Future Fund.

What is the Building for a Digital Future Fund?
After 15 years of leasing office space in San Francisco, EFF purchased a building at 815 Eddy Street to serve as our new headquarters.

With a need to accommodate a growing staff and the price of commercial real estate dropping to historic lows in San Francisco, purchasing a building made good financial sense. However, before the entire staff can relocate, renovations need to be done. Contributing to the Building for a Digital Future Fund will help EFF offset the cost of purchasing, renovating, and maintaining the new space, helping to ensure that we are well equipped to protect your rights online, now and into the future.

What happened to EFF on Mission?
Our initial capital campaign—EFF on Mission—was intended to fund renovations at 2567 Mission Street, which we had purchased in May of 2011. After bringing in contractors, we discovered that the building was going to require some serious construction to become safe and usable for the staff.

When 815 Eddy Street became available, we saw a much better fit—it requires much less renovation and will be easier to adapt to our needs. After some careful deliberation and planning, we sold the Mission building and purchased the Eddy building. The funds raised from the EFF on Mission campaign are being used to support the purchase, renovation, and maintenance of the new EFF HQ on Eddy.

Will my donation to the Building for a Digital Future Fund support EFF’s legal work?
Yes. A wise man (EFF co-founder Mitch Kapor) once said, "Architecture is politics." He was referring to how the design of a system can have ramifications far beyond the system's functionality, which is as true for physical space as it is for system design.

EFF's work—legal and otherwise—is driven by intelligent collaboration. To that end, the new office will include lots of open spaces for both purposeful and incidental brainstorming and debate. These conversations have been critical to EFF's success and have enabled us to craft creative responses to the challenges and threats to freedom on the Internet. As EFF grows it is important to ensure that spaces like this are available and equipped for productive work.

When will EFF move into the new building?
Some of the staff has already moved in! We hope to have the entire staff moved in by early 2013.

Can I donate directly to the Building for a Digital Future Fund?
Currently, donations made on EFF’s website go into our general operating funds. If you’d like to make a significant contribution directly to the Building for a Digital Future Fund, please contact our Donor Relations Coordinator, Kellie Brownell.

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