The New EFF HQ

815 Eddy Street, San Francisco

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a new home! After years of renting office space in a converted warehouse, EFF has purchased a building in San Francisco and will be moving there within a few short months.

EFF was originally founded in response to a single threat to digital civil liberties: the overreaching, warrantless seizure of a gaming company’s computers. In the decades since, contentious clashes over the freedom to communicate, share, invent, and create have erupted all over the world.

Our members—recognizing the need for the dedicated defense of our online rights—have supported us throughout the years with meaningful donations. And in response, we’ve hired expert lawyers, technologists, and activists, each of whom has brought vital knowledge and boundless passion to the fight for a better digital future.

But last year, when staffers began spilling out into hallways and couches in order to work, it was clear that EFF needed to make a move. Thanks to the past generosity of our supporters and years of sound guidance from our board, we found ourselves in a position to buy a building in San Francisco.

The new office at 815 Eddy Street will be a permanent home for EFF with many important, practical benefits, namely more space for our growing staff and a better environment for engaging with media, guests, and our friends and allies. But in our hearts and minds, it also represents a critical milestone in our mission to defend digital civil liberties in courtrooms, legislatures, and policy forums worldwide: We are the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and we’re not going anywhere.

Building for a Digital Future
Supporting the Building for a Digital Future Fund will help us offset the costs of purchasing, renovating, and maintaining our new headquarters at 815 Eddy Street.

For more information on our new headquarters and the Building for a Digital Future Fund, please see the FAQ.

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NSA Spying

EFF is leading the fight against the NSA's illegal mass surveillance program. Learn more about what the program is, how it works, and what you can do.

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