EFF is seeking a Director of Technology Projects to help lead our team of ethical technologists in defending encryption, outwitting censorship, and coding a better digital future. This is a senior leadership role within EFF, and will help guide the organization in charting its overall external technical strategy.

This role leads a 16-person external technical team (as opposed to the teams handling EFF’s internal technology and websites). This diverse team is anchored by EFF’s public interest technologists. EFF’s technologists actively collaborate with EFF lawyers and activists to devise legal, activism, and policy strategies. They ensure all of EFF’s work is technically sound and focused on the most important technology issues. EFF hired the first public interest technologists and pioneered the idea of technical advice embedded in policy, activism, and legal work, and we remain the world’s leader in this. One of EFF’s technologists is engaged full-time as a public interest technologist, but all of them assist in this work.

Additionally, EFF’s Technology Projects team is known for creating and maintaining such world-changing work as:

  • Privacy Badger, EFF’s wildly popular privacy-defending tracker blocker
  • HTTPS Everywhere, used by millions to make their web browsing more secure
  • Certbot, a Let’s Encrypt client helping website owners globally receive and install SSL certificates to secure their sites
  • Panopticlick, a research and education project that sheds light on the seedy underbelly of browser fingerprinting
  • STARTTLS Everywhere, a project to foster STARTTLS adoption and make email delivery more secure
  • EFF’s Threat Lab, which has published blockbuster investigations into abusive practices by technology companies, leading to powerful policy changes

The Director of Technology Projects will also join EFF’s leadership team, helping decide organization-wide choices about how we utilize resources and where we focus our overall strategy.

The Director of Technology Projects should be able to identify, explain and formulate responses to civil liberties issues in technologies. At the same time, the position works to motivate, guide, and lead a highly-impactful, lean technical team. About 50% of this role’s time should be dedicated to managing a highly-impactful team and about 50% of this role’s time is dedicated to addressing tech policy issues. This can include researching, writing, advising other programmatic staff, speaking to the press and policy makers, and devising technical solutions to pressing problems.

Experience required for this role:

  • A track record of successful projects or work related to privacy, security, censorship-resistance, decentralization, or any other topics relevant to EFF’s work
  • Published blog posts, articles, or papers explaining a technical concept to a lay or slightly technical audience
  • Minimum five years of experience managing direct reports

The role will require the following skills and knowledge-based tasks:

  • Understanding EFF’s primary technical challenges. Basic knowledge of encryption, web tracking, and Internet infrastructure is necessary, and deeper knowledge is desired but not required.
  • Identifying, articulating, and formulating responses to civil liberties issues in technologies.
  • Investigating and explaining complex technical topics to lay audiences with kindness and clarity.
  • Seeing trends within the tech industry, thinking through their ultimate implications, and formulating strategies based on those implications
  • Taking a collaborative approach to problem solving which prioritizes finding the best solution for EFF over personal gain or team interests.
  • Working well with people of all backgrounds.

Some other skills that are valuable for this role, but are not required:

  • Experience speaking to the media and/or governmental bodies highly desired
  • Experience networking and building relationships with people in industry, other NGOs, and the government in order to influence them, learn from them, and build partnerships outside the organization

This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who wants to use their skills to create a better digital world. We recognize that the right applicant may not come from the nonprofit world, and so we won’t be prioritizing nonprofit experience over corporate or academic experience for this position. We look forward to your application!

If you have questions about this position, check out our FAQ section for it!

As an advocacy organization, EFF is committed to being part of a diverse community. Diversity of life experiences makes a big difference in how we identify and litigate legal issues, design privacy-enhancing software, and organize our activism. To that end, we deliberately seek applicants with different perspectives, identities, and experiences to build an inclusive workplace to better inform our advocacy and defense of freedom in our digital world. EFF is an equal opportunity employer and encourages people of all races, genders, ages, abilities, orientations, ethnicities, and national origins to apply.  Pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records.

To apply:  Please submit your resume, a cover letter, and at least 2 links to publicly-available writings you have published on topics related to digital rights.

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