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NSA Primary Sources


NSA Primary Sources

Date Document Media Outlet
6/18/2014 Zoom of a Boundless Informant document, with project names Der Spiegel
8/3/2015 YRS Gears Up to Celebrate 40 Years Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS, Cipher Detection, and You! Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Workflows 2011 Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Workflows 2009 Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Tech Extractor 2010 Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Tech Extractor 2009 Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Targets Visiting Specific Websites Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS System Administration Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Search Forms Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Logos Embedded in Docs Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Intro Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS for Counter CNE Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS as a SIGDEV Tool Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Application IDS Brief Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Application IDS Intercept
8/26/2015 XKeyscore-A Dubious Deal with the NSA Die Zeit
12/11/2013 Xkeyscore Sweden Meeting SVT
12/11/2013 Xkeyscore Sources SVT
12/11/2013 Xkeyscore Slide with Swedish Example SVT
6/16/2014 Xkeyscore Fingerprints Der Spiegel
8/26/2015 XKeyscore - the Document Die Zeit
7/1/2015 Writing XKS Fingerprints Intercept
6/18/2014 Worldwide locations of the Cryptologic Services Groups Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Worldwide locations of NSA/CSS satellite surveillance Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 World map from the Boundless Informant program Der Spiegel
12/4/2014 Wolframite Encryption Attack Intercept
11/25/2014 Windstop System Highlights Süddeutsche Zeitung
11/4/2013 WINDSTOP Collection 30 day period December 2012 - January 2013 Washington Post
2/4/2015 Who Else Is Targeting Your Target Collecting Intercept
12/28/2014 Which Encryption Protocols and Techniques Can Be Attacked Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 What Your Mother Never Told You About the Development of Signal Intelligence Der Spiegel
5/5/2015 WG Advice to Security Service Intercept
7/1/2015 Web Forum Expoitation Using XKS Intercept
3/12/2014 VPN and VOIP Exploitation With HAMMERCHANT and HAMMERSTEIN Intercept
7/1/2015 VOIP Readme Intercept
7/1/2015 VOIP in XKS Intercept
6/5/2013 Verizon 215 Secondary Order April 25, 2013 Guardian
11/19/2013 Verification Slide US Government
7/1/2015 UTT Config Readme Intercept
7/1/2015 User Agents Intercept
6/18/2014 US sites with NSA personnel in Germany Der Spiegel
7/1/2015 Unofficial XKS User Guide Intercept
11/19/2013 United States Signals Intelligence Directive 18 Jan 25 2011 US Government
11/19/2013 United States Signals Intelligence Directive 18 Appendix J US Government
7/1/2015 UN Secretary General XKS Intercept
10/4/2013 Types of IAT (how Tor works) Guardian
8/31/2014 Turkish Signal Intelligence Chief Agenda Der Spiegel
8/31/2014 Turkey Energy Company Development Der Spiegel
8/31/2014 Turkey at the G20 Pre-Meeting Der Spiegel


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