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NSA Primary Sources


NSA Primary Sources

Date Document Media Outlet
8/16/2013 "So You Got a US Person?" training slide November 8, 2011 Washington Post
9/28/2015 (S//SI//REL) Exploiting Foreign Lawful Intercept (LI) Roundtable Intercept
6/26/2015 (U) CI-030-05 Close Out for "Bush Lets U.S. Spy on Callers without Courts" - Action Memorandum Intercept
4/4/2014 2009 SIGDEV Conference Intercept
9/25/2015 200G Iris Access Intercept
5/19/2014 20140519-Intercept-SSO Mystic Charts Intercept
1/17/2015 4th Party Collection - Taking Advantage of Non-partner Exploitation Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 A Potential Technique to Deanonymise Users of the TOR Network Der Spiegel
11/25/2014 Access Breakdown Süddeutsche Zeitung
9/25/2015 Access Vision 2013 Intercept
12/11/2013 Accomplishments from NSA SVT
9/25/2015 ADD SD Black Hole Analytics Intercept
3/18/2014 Adding Another Country to Mystic Program Washington Post
7/1/2015 Advanced HTTP Activity Analysis Intercept
6/30/2014 Affidavit of Keith Alexander Regarding Spying on Foreign Entities Washington Post
11/22/2013 Afghanistan Collection Dagbladet
11/19/2013 AG Guidelines for Domestic FBI Operations US Government
6/18/2014 Agenda for the visit of BSI Vice President Andreas Könen to the NSA Der Spiegel
11/30/2013 AIVD SIGINT NRC Handelsblad
12/28/2014 Analysis From SSL-TLS Connections Through GCHQ In the Flying Pig Database Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Analysis of Chinese Methods and Performed Actions In the Context of Computer Network Exploitation Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Analytic Challenges From Active-Passive Integration When NSA Attacks IPSEC VPNs Der Spiegel
6/16/2014 Analytics for targets in Europe Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Analytics on Security of TOR Hidden Services Der Spiegel
7/1/2015 Analyzing Mobile Cellular DNI in XKS Intercept
9/28/2015 Another Successful Olympics Story Intercept
1/17/2015 APEX Method of Combining Passive With Active Methods to Exfiltrate Data From Networks Attacked Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 APEX Shaping to Put Exfiltrating Network Traffic Into Plausible Deniability Der Spiegel
9/25/2015 Architecture Risk 2012 Intercept
7/1/2015 ASFD Readme Intercept
3/11/2014 Ashcroft Memo on Intelligence Sharing Procedures NY Times
8/15/2015 AT&T Fairview Stormbrew NY Times
12/4/2014 Auroragold Project Overview Intercept
12/4/2014 Auroragold Target Technology Trends Center Support to WPMO Intercept
12/4/2014 Auroragold Working Aid Intercept
12/4/2014 Auroragold Working Group Intercept
8/3/2015 Back in Time the ECHELON Story Intercept
12/11/2013 Baltic Region SVT
6/18/2014 Black Budget Dagbladet
5/19/2014 Black Budget Intercept
5/5/2015 Black Budget 262 Intercept
5/5/2015 Black Budget 360-364 Intercept
8/3/2015 Blast from the Past YRS in the Beginning Intercept
9/25/2015 Blazing Saddles Tools Intercept
12/28/2014 BLUESNORT Program on Net Defense From Encrypted Communications Der Spiegel
11/22/2013 Boundless Informant Dagbladet
11/4/2013 Boundless Informant El Mundo
6/8/2013 Boundless Informant Explanation/FAQ Slides September 6, 2012 Guardian
11/22/2013 Boundless Informant FAQ Dagbladet
10/21/2013 Boundless Informant France Le Monde


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