March 15, 2021 - 6:00pm PDT

Portland TA3M, a local organization in the Electronic Frontier Alliance, (not EFF) will host this event:

Panel Discussion on Surveillance Ordinances

From the Organizers:

There are a plethora of technologies available to law enforcement to monitor and track residents. Which of these technologies are currently being used in Portland, and what are the policies for their use? How do we know if usage or policies change? There are many factors to consider when adopting surveillance technologies like these: What are the costs and benefits? When, and in what manner, will a capability be used? Who will be the target of surveillance?  Will it make us safer?  What are we giving up in exchange for that safety? And should a particular technology be adopted at all?

In order to answer these questions, some cities—like Cambridge, New Orleans, San Francisco, Oakland, and Seattle—have passed ordinances that regulate the acquisition and use of surveillance technologies. These ordinances often require the approval of a city council or other legislative body before a city agency can acquire a particular technology or change the way in which a current technology is used. Should Portland pass this type of ordinance, and if so, how might the law work?

During this session, we'll ask our insightful panelists the answers to these questions. We'll explore the chilling effects of surveillance, the history of surveillance ordinances, what to look for in a strong ordinance, and how to build coalitions and engage lawmakers. We'll have a Q&A period via the chat box, but you can also send questions in advance to panel_event AT, and we'll work to get them into the discussion.

- Renard Bridgewater - Eye on Surveillance
- Kade Crockford - ACLU Massachusetts
- Tracy Rosenberg - Media Alliance, Oakland Privacy
- Nathan "nash" Sheard - Electronic Frontier Foundation

Moderator: Chris Bushick - PDX Privacy


Monday, March 15
6:00 PM - 7:00PM PT



This event is organized not by EFF, but by the Portland TA3M, a grassroots group participating in the Electronic Frontier Alliance. The EFA is a network of grassroots organizations across the country committed to promoting digital rights. Together, we're building a movement to promote freedom of expression, privacy, security, creativity, and access to knowledge.