On June 1, people from across the San Francisco Bay Area gathered for EFF's inaugural Tech Trivia Night under the watchful eye of quizmaster and Staff Technologist Cooper Quintin a.k.a. The Cybertiger. Following in the footsteps of EFF's popular Cyberlaw Trivia Night, now in its tenth year, this pub-style quiz featured a challenging array of questions geared toward developers, security engineers, and fans of obscure geek knowledge.

EFF Staff Technologist Cooper Quintin hosting Tech Trivia.

EFF's Cooper Quintin hosting the Famous Passwords round. ?

EFF organized the evening's gantlet of questions in six rounds: Bastard Operator from Hell, Rodentia, Famous Passwords, Name that Vuln, Cyber Cyber Cyber, and General Geekery. Trivia called upon a wide range of knowledge that stumped even some of the biggest of brainiacs. For example, the Rodentia Round (named for its rodent theme) included the question: What hypertext protocol created at the University of Minnesota has been assigned TCP port 70 by IANA?* This year's event even included questions about some famous cats of the Internet for good measure.

Senior Staff Technologist Jeremy Gillula, Staff Attorney Andrew Crocker, and Staff Technologist Erica Portnoy preside

Senior Staff Technologist Jeremy Gillula, Staff Attorney Andrew Crocker, and Staff Technologist Erica Portnoy preside with the Gavel of Justice.

The twelve teams competed valiantly, but in the end it was a band of digital rights do-gooders known as The Labcoats who reigned supreme, receiving the First Place Tech Trivia Cup and an EFF swag superpack. Second Place honors went to Randos in the Light followed closely by Riven Mirror. Congratulations to the esteemed winners!

First Place Winners: The Labcoats

EFF would like to express our gratitude to Tech Trivia Night’s  sponsors for helping make the first Tech Trivia Night a success. Many thanks to Facebook, Gandi, and Sonic! If you or your company are interested in supporting a future EFF event, please contact Nicole Puller. We can't wait to do it again.

EFF's sincere appreciation goes out to of the participants who joined us for a great quiz over dinner and drinks while never losing sight of our mission to drive the online rights movement forward. We salute the digital freedom supporters around the world who have helped ensure that EFF can continue working in the courts and with policymakers, activists, technologists, and the public to protect online privacy and free expression.

The Privacy Badger Sez: See You Next Year!

Cheers from the Privacy Badger and we'll see you next year!