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John Perry Barlow portrait with Declaration text

A July 4 Message from EFF Co-founder John Perry Barlow

There’s no need to make America great again. America has been great since it became the first nation on Earth where a set of ideas became the ruling principles of governance. America was great when it was established that authority did not come from divine right, or indeed anything beyond...

Congress Needs to End Warrantless Spying, Not Make It Permanent

Lawmakers are getting serious about renewing the U.S. government’s Internet spying powers, so we need to get serious about stopping their bad proposals. First out of the gate is a bill from Sen. Tom Cotton, an ardent defender of government surveillance. His bill would not just reauthorize, but make permanent...

Don’t Trust in Antitrust Law to Protect Net Neutrality

Back in 2014, we considered many possible ways of protecting net neutrality that would not rely on the FCC, including antitrust law. Unfortunately, U.S. antitrust law is not up to the challenge. Antitrust law is an economic doctrine that gives little if any weight to freedom of expression and other...

Small Business Fights for its Life, Wins with Alice

Michael Skelps was celebrating on New Year’s Eve with family and friends when he got a strange email from a lawyer. It said that Michael’s company, Capstone Photography, had just been sued for patent infringement. Michael went from celebrating to worrying about whether his small company would survive. Capstone is...


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