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The Fight Against General Warrants to Hack Rages On

The federal government thinks it should be able to use one warrant to hack into an untold number of computers located anywhere in the world. But EFF and others continue to make the case that the Fourth Amendment prohibits this type of blanket warrant. And courts are starting to listen...

Community Control of Police Spy Tech in Oakland

Oakland could become the next community in California to adopt an open and rigorous vetting process for police surveillance technology. All too often, government executives unilaterally decide to adopt powerful new surveillance technologies that invade our privacy, chill our free speech, and unfairly burden communities of color. These intrusive and...

Congress Should Leave Alice Alone

Overturning the Supreme Court Decision Would Allow Abstract Patents to Hurt innovation One of the most important cases to cut back on the availability of vague, abstract patents was the 2014 decision Alice v. CLS Bank. In Alice, the U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmed the long-standing law that patents could...


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