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Deeplinks Blog

Supreme Court Affirms That No One Owns the Law

In a major victory for open government and fundamental due process, the Supreme Court ruled today that the annotations in a state’s official legal code—summaries of court decisions and other sources that explain the state’s laws—cannot be copyrighted. That is, that there cannot be a better-explained version of the law...

Open Source 101 at Home

EFF is proud to be a supporter of Open Source 101 at Home! With 20 speakers delivering 15, 45, and 90 minute sessions, this is a great way to learn about open source processes and tools. Supporters of EFF can attend Open Source 101 at Home for free by...
A magnifying glass examines a folder marked "secret"

Judge Dismisses Twitter’s Lawsuit Over Its Rights to Publish Information About Government Surveillance Orders

A federal judge dismissed Twitter’s long-pending lawsuit last week over its right to share information about secret government surveillance orders for its users’ information. We hope that Twitter will continue its fight for transparency by appealing this decision. Background: The Government’s Limits on National Security Transparency Using surveillance authorities...
Image of face outline put together with several lines. Very cyberpunk.

EFF Testifies Today on Law Enforcement Use of Face Recognition Before Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice

The Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice invited EFF to testify on law enforcement use of face recognition. The Commission, which was established via Executive Order and convened by Attorney General William Barr earlier this year, is tasked with addressing the serious issues confronting law...
Congress + Action

Robinson v. Hunt County (5th Cir.)

EFF, together with Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, filed an amicus brief urging the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to recognize a First Amendment right to access the social media pages of government officials, and to comment on those pages when the pages are generally open to public...


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