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Jeremy Gillula


Jeremy Gillula

Jeremy Gillula

Senior Staff Technologist

At a young age Dr. Gillula was sidetracked from his ultimate goal of protecting digital civil liberties by the allure of building and programming robots, which was the focus of his undergraduate and doctoral work.  Having developed sensor fusion and control systems for both drones and autonomous cars he is aware of their potential benefits for society, but is also prepared to guard against the dangers they present to privacy and civil liberties.

Since joining EFF, Dr. Gillula has lent his technical expertise to a wide variety of digital civil liberties issues, including mobile devices, big data, net neutrality, and algorithmic fairness and transparency.

A strong believer in never taking the straightforward path to anything, Dr. Gillula went to Caltech for undergrad, then got his PhD in computer science from Stanford University by working on robotics projects with a professor in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley.

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