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David Ruiz


David Ruiz

David Ruiz


David Ruiz is a writer covering NSA surveillance and federal surveillance policy for EFF’s activism team. Before joining EFF, David worked for several years as a journalist, primarily covering internal legal affairs inside Silicon Valley’s emerging startups and steadfast stalwarts. He wrote about the lack of diversity in trial teams used by big tech companies, he reported on the inner workings of Uber’s burdened legal department, and he covered corporate responses to federal regulation and litigation, including Google’s battle with the Department of Labor regarding an audit for employee compensation data.

He originally studied architecture as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, but quickly fell in love with the written language and completed the graduate program in journalism at Stanford University. Outside of EFF, he produces a personal podcast called Death Knell, which focuses on the grieving process after death. He attends concerts and music festivals, enjoys camping and hiking, and tries poorly to keep up with his monthly book club. 

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(415) 436-9333 ext. 141
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